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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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However, I hit a brick wall looking for a way to display a list of all of my keywords the way Powermarks displays what it calls a dictionary. Do you know if Linkman can do this? If not, I don't see myself using it.
-twinkler (February 23, 2009, 05:03 PM)
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Hi, twinkler.  I confess that I never paid any attention to Powermarks' dictionary feature--I couldn't see any use for it.  I never felt the need to know what keywords I had used in the past.  All that mattered to me was coming up with the right keywords to locate a specific bookmark, and I was always able to do that quickly and easily not by searching through a long list of keywords but simply by free-associating.  I had about 3000 bookmarks in my Powermarks file, and I never had a problem finding any of them.  That's one of the things that I loved best about Powermarks--and now about Linkman.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Twinkler, like cyberdiva I found the dictionary system quickly irrelevant.  The way I remember a keyword (beyond short ones like "Biz" for business contacts or "Addy" for an address book and peoples initials for their category if more than one person has an addy book) is to stick the "dictionary" word in the subject in caps in a couple of items. Then I "remember" the dictionary pretty easily. Similarly I never tried the powermarks macro feature. True the dictionary is a nice feature for some, so you might take that up with Linkman.  When I would do this for Powermarks I would have to put stuff in two places, the subject line and the keyword, in Linkman you can have the subject line work in keyword searches as well (rather a major help, that was a PM deficiency).

Linkman says they are leaving for the free installation very shortly.  Actually I cannot recommend the free install until that is done, install the 30-day professional and usb version.  Most of the people here will probably use one or more of the pro features anyway. is a bit of a disaster, hopefully Linkman's new install group will be clean as a whistle. They say the arrangements are made, pending iminent implementation.

I still would like to see if the AutoHotkey could work in Firefox 3 for powermarks.  In a couple of days I'll likely send you a private thing going over the details, unless I decide that it is 100% moot (ie. I do not plan to add any urls to Powermarks even if I use it as a PIM.)  For all the benefits of Linkman, and the compatibility only uphill to Linkman (well maybe there could be a 2-step very limited import into Powermarks losing keywords) Powermarks still has a couple of niceties. The scrunch-font mode of (for me) 45 or so on a page is kewl, the speed may still have a small notch ahead, maybe.  And I am very used to using it as my address book and database with the scrunch-mode.

Linkman is making the printing function more usable.  For me that is a major plus (right now there is no sort).  With Powermarks I would use multiple print keys, a bit of a kludge.  Since I use my bookmarks as a multi-Pim this will be a major plus.  Hopefully this will combine with the user-defined fields and sorting by those fields (let them be states or card#s or publication dates, in fact one user-defined field can do multi-duty in some cases) to allow very neat printouts.  At that point a lot of stuff that is done in Alpha 5 or Ultra Recall or nowhere become even more Linkman capable.  If I add one voice to this discussion, it is to think in terms of Linkman being your PIM and research tool as much as a bookmark manager.

And of course Linkman has ongoing support and improvement and is a very solid program as is and has other really neat features, like the export stuff and USB and syncing through that web backup site (Powermarks sync had great limitations).

Steven Avery

Linkman says they are leaving for the free installation very shortly.  -Steven Avery (February 25, 2009, 08:37 AM)
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Thank god! What an incredibly annoying installation procedure that was (had to whitelist a couple of domains in my router, because of ad-blocking). Very off-putting and gave me an immediate bad impression of Linkman...

I had the same issue and I manually constructed a way to get Powermark bookmarks imported into Delicious using only Microsoft Excel. It should take you less than 30 minutes to it.

Steps to import Powermarks into using Microsoft Excel 2003

1. Put a bookmark in Delicious and export bookmark file from Delicious by going under settings then Export / Backup Bookmarks.
2. Export bookmarks from Powermarks under File -> export as type delimited ASCII.
3. Open the exported Powermarks text file in Excel.
4. Put columns in order of url, keywords, then title and delete all remaining columns.
5. Setup the Excel sheet with the following columns to mimic the exported Delicious file format. Copy and paste the test string following each column name into the first cell of each column then copy and paste that cell all the way down the column to the last row of your bookmarks. (The text is exact after the Column letters and spaces with the red lines as the original data columns from Powermarks):
Column A  <DL><p><DT><A HREF="
Column B  The url field
Column C  " TAGS="
Column D  The keywords field
Column E  ">
Column F  The bookmark name field
Column G  </A></DL><p>

6. Select keywords column and go under Edit -> replace put a space in the find what field and a comma in the replace with field. This will put commas in the place of all the spaces in between the keywords.
7. Press ctrl-a to select whole sheet and go under Data -> filter -> autofilter . Open the filter cell in the first row of the url column. Select custom and do contains file:  Then delete all those rows to get rid of the file bookmarks.
8. Do ctrl-a to select whole sheet then ctrl-c to copy then open notepad.exe and ctrl-v to paste sheet.
9. In notepad highlight and copy one of the tab characters placed in the rows as field separators, then go under edit and replace and paste the tab character in the find what field and hit replace all to get rid of the tab delimiters.
10. Copy top part of Delicious export file before first <DL><p><DT> line and paste into top of Powermarks notepad file, change both instances of the word bookmarks to Powermarks. Make sure all format exactly matches original Delicious download file.
11. Save the notepad file as powermarks.htm
12. Go in, go under settings and Import / Upload Bookmarks. At the bottom select manual import. Delete “imported” out of tag field and hit Import Now.
13. You should get a success statement and your bookmarks should now begin showing up under bookmarks.

Just released Linkman 7.60 (Freeware and Shareware versions available).
-Outertech Support (November 10, 2008, 01:09 AM)
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Another PowerMarks user here; been using it for years...

I am just trying Linkman (pro and though it is really pretty great I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions to the developer regarding the query search:

1) Linkman's defaulting to a substring search is very inefficient. When I type in at (say for "attorney" or "atlas" or "athlon", etc.) I don't also want "battery", "rattle", "collimator", "estate", "matthey", and every other keyword that has at somewhere in the string. That just means I will have to type in additional keywords to narrow the search, or else backspace and re-enter my search term as a literal string with quote marks. On the rare occasion that I do want to perform a substring search I would be very happy to add wildcard asterisks to the query: *at*; but this should not be the default search pattern.

Here is a practical example: A search query of at b narrows my 2,000+ bookmarks to just four using PowerMarks. Linkman yields nearly 300 bookmarks for the same query, requiring additional typing or literal string quoting. at bo narrows to 2 for Powermarks, but there still remain 54 for Linkman... too many to glance through. Linkman consistently requires a lot more typing to narrow a search, due to the default substring interpretation of queries.

2) I also don't care for autocompletion when I'm typing in a search query. More often than not I end up having to delete the autocompleted part. I think people who are good typists generally find autocompletion to be annoying. For those who do like it perhaps it could be made an option.

I hope these suggestions are useful. I'll keep an eye on Linkman but in the meantime, still using PowerMarks...



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