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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Nice thread, been off-forum a bit.  I also use Powermarks, one of the 50K users, and it is my defacto PIM, password manager, research assistant and soup kitchen as well.  I would definitely keep Firefox in the 2.whatever rather than lose Powermarks functionality.  I just tried the 3.0 upgrade at work and saw the loss of the toolbar.

(Ironically the Firefox toolbar was a Powermarks workaround that turned out to be a lot better than the normal Opera and IE Powermarks add and so I hope to follow suggestions here for creating similar functionality in Opera). Btw, SeaBiscuit, oh wait, SeaMonkey also failed in an earlier try, but nobody cares much about that.  I think I tried to fake it out to be Netscape but it only worked in one direction (two directions = opening web pages and adding bookmarks, the 2nd is the critical one.)

So I will try to try the suggestions here in the next days, getting the autosuperduperhotkey kludge button working on Firefox :) and also PowerFavorites or Linkman or whatever might do the job.   I doubt that my full functionality will be maintained in the newbies but it is worth a try.  And I might end up with two tools.

It is nice to at least see that a number of people know that this is the most superb, clean program around, with Fineprint a nice second.   Maybe, maybe .. somebody will take the idea and run even further, as I can see all sorts of potential enhancements, if anybody could ever get up to the standard Powermarks functionality.

Oh, 50K bookmarks, working as a PIM is .. FAST.  Using the task booster (maybe the one from here) helped with the only one slowdown problem, that the first keystrokes can be slow on loading when the program is asleep, perhaps swapped out by Windows.  Once the program is awake, 50K bookmarks is twiddles.

The programmer was responsive to a question or two, helping with the registration issues when he was retiring the program, perhaps like with Keynote the problem of tools and code and data files changing too much became a burden not worth the small income.  Or personal and life things may have simply changed direction.  It would be nice if he would share with a smidgen more, however either way thanks for a program that has helped make my years of Internet browsing and research much smoother and neater. 

(On forums where I post sometimes other posters seem a bit surprised at how well I can find information .. little do they know that I bookmarked the basic sites two years ago or five years ago in Powermarks with a couple of simple keywords.  Once you learn the keyword methodology and become comfortable you simply develop your own systems, whether for signons or research or this or that.)

Steven Avery

I'm delighted to have found this thread.
Powermarks is, hands down, the best bookmark tracking tool that I've used and I've used many since I started when web browsing did.
Thanks to those who have contributed here toward extending powermarks' lifetime and stimulating the development of similar programs like Power Favorites and Linkman.
I really don't understand how people get much benefit from large bookmark collections without tools like these since any cataloging approach invariably fails due to difficulty of determining an enduring item classification.

Outertech Support:
Linkman 7.70 is out:

<ul><li>Firefox 3.1 compatibility and integration enhancements</li>
<li>Added feature to Internet Explorer to add all Tabs at once to Linkman</li>
<li>Over 20 new mouse and keyboard Shortcuts</li>
<li>Improved USB Stick installation: Linkman will find his link databases even if you move them between different USB Sticks and Computers</li>
<li>User Interface tweaks and speedups</li>
<li>More Screenshots added to CHM and PDF tutorials</li>
<li>Query search improvements: and search is now active by default (instead of phrase search)


Before you had to type: hardware and news and not 3d

Now it's enough to type: hardware news not 3d

if you want to search for the phrase hardware news type "hardware news" instead</ul>

Tutorial video:

Steven Avery:
For everyone interested in a Powermarks replacement, Power Favorites is really close.  That's my official word. -superboyac (October 23, 2008, 06:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

Today I did the download and the import of 50K bookmarks, that went really nice.  The speed is definitely acceptable, I think a smidgen slower than Powermarks, overall fast enough and better than expected.

Here is a suggestion. Since I end up using this as a multi-database as well, how about a few user defined fields ?  The ability to add a spot of specialty data and then sort on it as well would be very nice. Even if you had 3 to 5 such fields they might be used in 20 or 50 different ways (taking advantage of the fact that the keyword brings down like records).  I use my bookmark program as a database program and research assistant. (Clump 20 bookmarks together under my own recognizable keyword and open them up when it is time to work on the project.  Something as simple as a Bible verse number might be the keyword.) 

Any support/web/email forum around, where we can chat, or should we use Donationcoder threads for all this type of stuff, at least for the forseeable future ?

One feature I do not see is the ability to decide when opening a URL is which browser and whether you are opening a new window or new tab.  The "which browser" especially is used a lot, I realize you can go in and temporarily change the default browser but that is not elegant.  Am I missing something, or maybe this is coming soon ?

Impressive.  I will consider bypassing the AutoHotkey ideas for Powermarks (or staying with Firefox 2.0).  And simply doing the Power Favorites move.

Hopefully, more shortly.  Just wanted to give the preliminary response.  Impressed on the ease of setup and import with my existing 50K bookmarks.  And having the full key-by-key search capability that a Powermarks user must have in a new product, with decent speed..  With that working, and the program is alive and enhanced and solid and moving along, this could be exactly what the Bookmark doctor ordered.


I believe most of the features mentioned by Superboyac and others are added to <Power Favorites> now. Please just list your requests if you need some new features to rock with your bookmarks :).
-markstone (October 21, 2008, 08:45 AM)
--- End quote ---
So... any chance of a DC discount? ;)

Quite liking how Power Favorites is developing, so would be excellent to see a discount, although the price isn't too bad I should add.


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