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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Hi Tom.

If you remember I have to use Linkman Pro installed to my hard drive but using the "USB installation", because if I install directly to Windows it crashes every time. If there were a portable installer I could just swap out the necessary files in my Linkman USB installation folder. If instead I must use the regular Windows installer to USB it completely wipes out all my settings and I am then spending the next day resetting everything! Only takes less than an hour to redo  most of the Preferences but then I keep finding other little things I need to change. E.g., I have to remember to change the database locations, backup locations, browser to launch URLs in, browser to receive URLs from, etc. (Firefox is set as my default but if I set Linkman to use the default it often uses Chrome instead - Chrome was my default at one time and Linkman finds something that makes it think it is still default.) Whatever the reason, it is a pain to have to redo everything.

Any chance of getting just the files needed to manually update my 7.076 "USB on HDD" installation?



Outertech Support:
J-Mac, your problem with redoing the settings is really strange, as Linkman does not overwrite the configuration if you update to a new version, unless you remove the old version completely before installing an update.

In USB mode, Linkman saves all settings to Linkman.ini, which is located in the same folder as Linkman.exe. This file is never overwritten, so if you have a Linkman 7 Linkman.ini file and update to Linkman 8, all the settings will be kept.

If you are moving from a non USB installation to a USB-Mode installation there is also a trick to move also your settings.

1. Load the non USB-Mode Linkman
2. Go to Settings, Program Start section and uncheck the "Use Registry" Checkbox
3. Quit Linkman
4. You settings are now stored in c:\Users\Username\Documents\Linkman\Linkman.ini
5. Copy the Linkman.ini file away
6. Install Linkman in USB-mode
7. Copy the old Linkman.ini to the folder where USB-Mode Linkman.exe is located

Thank you.

I'll try two things, just to be safe:

[*] Reinstall using the USB-mode but to a different location, and...

[*] Copy the current ini file and paste it back in to the newer installation.[/list]


Hopefully one of those will work!

I wish I could just install it normally but that hasn’t worked ever since the first build of 7.90. Logs only showed that mysterious "Something went wrong!" comment, which is definitely one of the best lines I have seen in a program's error log!! Regular installation always worked fine prior to that build.

**Just FYI for others reading this, Linkman Pro 7.90 and all versions after that one would crash exactly 37 seconds after starting on my Windows 7 32-bit box. (It was so consistent that I timed it for Support!) Outertech support worked long and hard with me to resolve this using debug builds, special custom builds - all to no avail unfortunately. And since it appears that no one else has had this problem it must be something weird that conflicts with their DLLs (or something!) that is specific to something on my machine. Only happens when installed to C:\Program Files\ directory; no problems at all when I install it to my D: drive using the USB installation option.

And BTW, anyone who is not using Linkman Pro should definitely give it a try. You won't be sorry.   :)

Anyway, thanks again, T!


Outertech Support:
J-Mac, would you please try a normal installation with 8.30 (if you aren't happy with the USB mode). We have changed the function how settings are being loaded (they are now loaded at a later point in Linkman).

Hi Thomas!

Yes, I will try installing 8.3 normally (meaning to the C:\Program Files\ location) and see how it goes.  Then again.... I plan to get a new computer within the next month and hopefully that box won't have the same conflict present as my current computer. I might just wait until  I get the new computer to try installing 8.30 to Program Files.

Either way I will report back to you.

Thanks again!



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