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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Wow - that IS a deal.

I recommend that any DC member reading this at least take a good look and consider picking up Linkman Pro - at that price it is literally a steal!


I agree.  $14.99 for a 2-computer license is an amazing price for an amazing program!   :Thmbsup:

Hefty Hippie:
A superb program, which I'll be purchasing tomorrow, but I do think it could be improved by the addition of a mini/compact mode which could be opened as a separate window.

I'm thinking something like the bookmarks panel in Opera - quick search at the top and scrollable list of favs/bookmarks below.

The mini/compact mode window could be docked to the LHS of main monitor, parked on a secondary monitor and/or wherever else was handy. I think such a facility would certainly appeal to users and potential users who are used to accessing their favs/bookmarks the old fashioned way.

Outertech Support:
10 more spots have opened for Linkman Beta Test (Version 8). If you are interested, please apply to [email protected].

Outertech Support:
Linkman 8 is available for download.

Changes since 7.90

* Firefox 4 Addon (works also with 3.6)

* Improved Internet Explorer Addon: works with UAC enabled, added compatibility for Internet Explorer 9

* Google Chrome Addon (all versions)

* Opera 11 Addon

* Bookmark properties dialog can be resized

* The initial focus of Bookmark properties dialog can be configured (Options Tab)

* Alternate combobox display for numeric user defined data fields

* Query Favorites can be created in search window (Linkman Pro)

* In searches AND NOT can be substituted with a - sign
  for example:
  a search for: foo -bar
  is the same as: foo and not bar

* Replace dialog: use * to delete fields (Linkman Pro)
  for example:
  enter * as new text, do not enter anything as new text
  Enable Keywords Checkbox
  Click Replace All and all Keywords content will be deleted

* Added Time to Date display in search results

* Added "Page changed" Date/Time column to Search results

* Rearranged some Hotkeys due to user suggestions (see Hotkey list for details)

* Improved search experience on very large databases (100.000 links and more)

* Many tweaks and some bug fixes

Homepage (show a list of differences between Linkman Lite and Linkman Pro)

Shareware version (Linkman Pro, $25 with optional lifetime upgrades, 30 day trial):

Freeware version for private usage (Linkman Lite):


Tutorial video (Linkman 7.60):

PDF Manual:


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