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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Now that Firefox 3 is available, the PowerMarks bookmark program doesn't work with it anymore.  It's really the best bookmark manager ever.  Very simple, very fast, very easy to use.  I know there have been reviews here for other bookmark managers, but they're different.

Someone needs to copy Powermarks and do something very similar.  The author has killed the program earlier this year, so there will be no more Powermarks.

SB, I've recently started using Delicious and the Delicious plugins for Firefox and IE to manage bookmarks. This keeps a central copy on Delicious and all your Browsers see the same bookmarks. Works well for me. And then of course I use Surfulater for the heavy lifting. ;D

Neville, what's going on?  Good to hear from you.

Yeah, I have to check out some other options.  I'm the most idiotically simple bookmark user in the world, that's why I loved Powermarks.  All I would do is click to open it, then click the bookmark.  On the rare occasion where i had to search for a bookmark, i would do it lighting fast with the search feature.  I never used any structure, categories, or anything.  I may have added tags to certain bookmarks if they didn't automatically get included when it was created.

Surfulater's another option, but I would never use it for bookmarks because of my simplicity.  But Delicious looks interesting, that might need to be my first exploration.

Superboyac, I'm am also a long time user of Powermarks and ever since switching to Firefox 3, I have been looking for a way to overcome what we long time users of Powermarks are facing.

I've look long and hard and I thought I had found a solution with combination of TagSifter and HandyTag

"Firefox 3 lets you tag your bookmarks, but it doesn't give you a great way to browse your bookmarks by their tags. TagSifter tries to. Select a group of tags in the sidebar or menu, and TagSifter shows you all the related tags and bookmarks. Or search your bookmarks with set operators, like "tag1 - (tag2 + !tag3)". Comes with a tool to help tag your existing bookmarks as you move to Firefox 3."

Search Add-ons :: Firefox Add-ons
"HandyTag simply providing a complete set of most relevant keywords in the bookmark's edition panel. These keywords are retrieved from many different sources."

BUT, I keep thinking that a lot of the convenience I was experiencing with Powermarks was still missing.

Besides, I have not figured out how to backup all these Tags I'm entering into Firefox.

But guess what, I think I have hit upon a solution - with just a couple of small steps missing.

This is what I'm doing :

You will need to have a few things to accomplish this.

1. Powermarks
2. Firefox 3
3. Turnon Global HotKeys - enable you to hit the hot key to bring Powermarks to the foreground
Make sure you assign an unused key combination to     "Add Bookmark from Clipboard" such as Alt+Shift+P

Chapter 8 - Powermarks User Guide
"    8.1.7 Hotkeys

    Switch to Powermarks
        Display the Powermarks window
    Add Bookmark to Browser
        Add the current browser URL to the Powermarks bookmark list and allow for editing.
    Fast Add Bookmark from Browser
        Adds the URL currently in the Browser to the Powermarks bookmark list.
    Add Bookmark from Clipboard
        Searches the clipboard for a URL and adds it the Powermarks bookmark list. Powermarks will attempt to contact the site and retrieve the name, keywords and description of the new bookmark. "

4. Chapter 8 - Powermarks User Guide
"8.1.12 Browsers"

If you look at your actual Option Screen in your Powermarks program, you will see an additional line item - Firefox which is not shown in the online Powermarks User Guide.

Make sure you tell Powermarks where to find Firefox 3.

Your are almost all set for a test run now.

5. Using Firefox, do you usual surfing on the web.

Let's say you are at

And you want this url plus whatever keywords to be captured in Powermarks.

(Note: Do make sure Powermarks is loaded and it could also be minimized in the backgroud)

a. Press Crtl+L - this highlights the URL bar in Firefox 3 (Note that Alt+D also works in same way)
b. Press Crtl+C - this places into the clipboard.
c. Press Shift+Alt+P - this executes "Add Bookmark from Clipboard" which you configured in Step 3 above such as Alt+Shift+P

Step 5c tells Powermarks to store retrieve into the database together with the associated keywords.
And all this time, Powermarks remain in the background until you invoke it with say Crtl+Alt+P Hotkey you assigned (See 8.1.7 Hotkeys  in Chapter 8 - Powermarks User Guide)

Presto - you are done - back in business with Powermarks. Clicking on a url in Powermarks would launch the url in a new tab (if you set the options correctly) in Firefox (if it had been set as the default browser.)

Now of course Steps 5.a, 5.b and 5.c can all be combined as a single command if someone can write a Autohotkey script and compile it into and exe and attach it to a Button on Firefox - This part I have not figured out as yet - but it certainly can be done. Once the script has been written and compiled, it could possibly be launched by
"Launch External Windows Applications Directly From Firefox

But take note that "Launch External Windows Applications Directly From Firefox" does not seem to operate properly with Firefox 3. [See How to add a Button (to execute a AutoHotkey script or an exe) to Firefox 3 -
"I would like to execute a particular command from within Firefox 3.
This could be calling a AutoHotkey script or the same script compiled into a DoThis.exe"]

Perhaps someone with Greasemonkey script (if that is the thing to use) could figure this out.

Take note that "Alt+Ins Add URL from clipboard" does not quite work - It would have completed the picture for people like us.
Chapter 10 - Powermarks User Guide
"Alt+Ins    Add URL from clipboard"

Do tell me what do you think - no more worries that Firefox 4, 5, or 6 would break it !!!

Yes no doubt it is not as convenient right now, but it works !!!

Anyone would like to craft a Autohotkey script for us poor Powermarkers and figure out how to use "Launch External Windows Applications Directly From Firefox"

patteo, I'm going to try this later.  If this works, you are such the man!!  You will get whatever $10 credits is left in my dc credits here!


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