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Linkman 8.97 released


Outertech Support:
Linkman is a bookmark manager that efficiently organizes
large numbers of bookmarks. Linkman integrates with Chrome,
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera browsers.


Linkman has been updated twice within April 2015. We wanted to implement the most
requested smaller changes before going into Linkman 9 beta. We have also fixed
every reported bug. We are also looking for Linkman 9 beta testers.

Most notable changes:

* Search columns can now be configured in menu (View | Left-Right Side | Search columns; Search results right click menu)

* New search method: Selected items content

* New browser launch method: Topmost browser. This function can be useful for users with multiple portable browsers (Tools | Settings | Launch bookmarks)

* New global hotkey: Show Tray Icon menu at mouse pointer position

* Improved shortcut handling for keywords (Ctrl + Space in Treeview to add new keyword from keyword list, Ctrl + Enter to select a keyword to search for)

* Multiple bookmarks launch warning is now configurable (Tools | Settings | Launch bookmark)

* Added 'Show all duplicates' function to Tools menu

* SeaMonkey V2 import

Full changelog:

To update install Linkman over your current installation.
All your data and settings will remain.

Linkman Pro download:

Linkman Lite download:

Linkman tutorial on youtube:


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The coupon can be used on all Outertech products is valid until the beginning of May 2015.


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