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Spore Creature Creator Released - Make Cody Creature Contest!

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The Spore creature creator (demo?) is now available for people to download and play with:

It's a very powerful and user-friendly tool for creating fun looking 3d creatures, originally intended to be used with an upcoming game called spore, but increasingly looking like it will be a standalone toy.

What i thought would be really fun is to have a contest to see who can make the best Spore Creature version of our mascot Cody.  You can see more pictures of Cody on Nudone (Nick Pearson)'s website (

Winner will be chosen on July 1st or soon after and I hope Nudone will agree to judge the winner.  Prize will be a dc mug with the real Cody and your Cody creature side by side.

Please post your entries to the contest on this thread with a picture.


The beak proves troublesome as well as lack of control over color placement.

 ;D ;D ;D
That was fast, justice!
I also tried to do cody spore-version, but it didn't run on my computer :'(

mouser: apparently the creature editor is being sold as a standalone toy, for people who can't be arsed playing the game but like playing around.

Pretty well done, justice, by the way :)


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