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try to find the little jokes and passing insults that i put in the saturday reviews.

The crack about Norton was quite accurate.  I've never really used any of their products, but I will occasionally visit their online virus info database, and always get a healthy dose of confusion until it all comes back to me.

Peter Norton was a god in the early days of the ibm pc.

His Norton Utilities came out in 1982 for the ibm pc were the single must have app for every ibm pc user (

But I'm sad to say that i have gradually learned to avoid all norton products.
Although their antivirus/security software gets good reviews, every time i try it again i get turned off by how intrusive it is to install and uninstall.  The last time i installed their antivirus, it also installed this Norton Protected Recycle Bin that i really didnt want and could not for the life of me figure out how to get rid of.

I think that's how it goes with a lot of early successes in the software biz.  DOS, for example, is STILL in use on a lot of computers, but look at how evil Microsoft has become since those days.  Now that I think about it, one of the first computers I got came pre-loaded with some Norton utilities that rendered the machine almost inoperable until I closed them.  So, I guess I have used some of their software before.


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