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Character Table Plug-In

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Every time i try to use this plugin i get a runtime error on FARR  "this application has requested the runtime in an unusual way..."

so click ok and get the encountered a problem and needs to close dialog box so i click for more info and i get this
AppName: findandrunrobot.exe    AppVer:    ModName: fscript.dll
ModVer:    Offset: 000187b6

As soon as i delete the character table plugin directory FARR runs again as expected.

Any ideas?  What is my computer missing?

Grorgy: try to install latest FARR version. ;)

Check for (plugin) updates goes through the DCUpdater, which does not work for me because it won't go through proxy.pac proxies.

czechboy, I have the version which mouser put out to try and solve the office launching problems, which, by the way it seems to have done (at least for me)  :Thmbsup: , so im not sure what to try, I've deleted the plugin and reinstalled in all the different ways i can think of and while fscript.dll is present FARR wont start  :(

Ok I tried the clock plug in, it does the same thing so something in that fscript.dll is causing my computer havoc.  :huh:


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