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Character Table Plug-In

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I installed the Character Table plug-in into the latest version of FARR and I can't get it to work. From what understand, I'm to type "cc $ a" (minus quotes), and then be given a choice of accent marks and diacritics. No luck for me. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Any help is much appreciated.

hi siouxdax
here, I just type "cc"
and straight away the characters show ...

When I type "cc" I get "accessory wizard", "accesibility", etc. No accents or diacritics.

I'm not the expert here :-[ but when you say install -
is the plugin in the FARR plugin folder?
.....\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Character_Table\ ... 

Did you restart FARR - there's other ways to reload plugins in options - but restart is the easiest to explain!

Go to Options > Plugins, Updates, Fonts > Click to Examine and Configure Plugins...
Is the checkbox next to "Character Table" activated? If yes, click on the text and look whether there are entries in "Alias (override)" or "Regular Expression (custom override)".


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