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Insert future or past date as text

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 :) And I've made the Enter key push the "Paste to" button.


That's it!

I am in some other app.  I have used a keyboard shortcut to run the code - Ctrl-Alt-b, so that's how I can bring up OneDay

I enter into the box the number of days forward (or backwards) I want to write (or leave it as 0 to get today's date)

Then press enter.

Great job, thanks.


Oh, I've tweaked the date format to suit my own preference - for example, Friday 20 June 2008 or Friday 4 July 2008.  (I knew how to do that much - Grin!)

Just to make myself clear.  I have OneDay.  I have copies OneDay and made a shortcut icon of it.  In the properties dialog of the shortcut icon, ctrl-alt-b is the shortcut key.

I am pleased with the OneDay


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