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get avi and mpeg video file on Video-CD/DVD

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I have some funny avi and mpeg video clips which I want to show a friend. She has no PC (yes, those still exist! :D ) and so I need to burn them on a Video-CD or DVD.

I understand that Nero is able to create Video-CDs? But what about DVDs? Do I need a tool like InterVideo's WinDVD Creator for that or is there some free alternative?

Carol Haynes:
Nero 6 will create DVDs but you will need to use ReCode to produce the necessary files - do it over night as it takes for ever,

I have to say, I'm not impressed with reCode - I always get time shifts between video and audio.

TMPGEnc can convert to compatible MPEG formats (better), which you should then be able to import into a DVD Video project.

There is a free version fo TMPGEnc (see but it is not very friendly.

If you want a good (and easy to use - but unfortunatley not free) DVD Authoring package try It is written by the same people as TMPGenc but is the commercial version. If you want to use non standard files you need to use TMPGEnc to encode the files correctly, or better purchase the bundle with TMPGEnc XPress 3. They aren't fast programs but they do produce discs that work every time. There is a new version out now (which adds a few bells and whistles) but is more expensive. It is being marketed in the the US under the name TSUNAMI, see - unfortunately they like to use boxed products in the US market so you can't get a download version of the MPEG editor etc. but you can use TMPGEnc XPress 3.0 which is dowloadable and functionally equivalent (and the UI is virtually identical).

The other place you could look for other software that may help is (it's not as grim as it sounds).

Doom9 is primarily aimed at making DVD backups, but they have LOTS of really useful tools for producing DVD compatible stuff too.

I have used various time DivXToDVD by VSO to do this kind of transcoding. Speed is good (a bit faster than realtime on an old system with an Athlon XP2200+). You can find it here:

Note that there's an older version that is the last freeware one, that works very good. You can't remember a link, but you can find it Googlin around a bit.


what carol^ said.

I visited a friend and we created a DVD from an avi file with the latest Nero package. That has really nice feature for doing so, you can easily create your own menu, create chapters, name them, etc.

All really user-friendly and actually fun! Recoding and burning took about 3 hours on his 2,x GHz Pentium IV.


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