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get avi and mpeg video file on Video-CD/DVD

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To answer your question from the Deals & Discounts thread regarding DVD Rebuilder Pro, and I'm not exactly sure why you chose this thread for me to answer you in, one would use this program when one wanted to back up a DVD9 to a DVD5 while retaining the highest quality possible without having to resort to having to process everything by hand.

It supports quite a few recoding engines such as Cinemacraft Encoder & Canopus's ProCoder. Those are quite expensive, however, so there are a couple freeware encoding engines supported such as HCEnc (which is in early beta but is really impressive) and ReJig.

Extras & menus can be eliminated entirely or compressed at a different ratio than the main feature if you would still like to keep them, but give more bandwidth to the main program. Ads, trailers, copyright warnings can be removed or shown as still-frame to save bandwidth as well.

Carol mentioned Doom9 and that's where the DVD Rebuilder Pro forum calls home. The author is very active in answering questions & very receptive to suggestions and requests.

At $29.95 with lifetime updates it's a heck of a deal. I bought when it was in beta & $10 got you lifetime updates. I feel like I stole it at that price!

Nero can also make a DVD.


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