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Rightnote, commercial alternative to abandonware Keynote

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I didn't intend to carry on our little diversion in this Rightnote thread, but I chanced across something in the TreeDB forum that was a bit too pertinent to pass up.

I searched "Global Search" on the forum to see if there was something I was missing about the feature and came across this fairly recent thread (Nov, 2011)

Postby coolrat33 » 16 Nov 2011 03:03
Yesterday I had an infurating experience.

I wrote a long note about a complex book I was reading. To work more conveniently, I opened the TreeDB node in an external viewer (a cool feature but now I'm very skeptical about its reliability), resized the window to take up half my monitor, and read a PDF file in the other half.

At some point, I clicked "save the file to database", and must have closed the window. But when I went to look for the file, it was gone. Disappeared off my system. I did a 'global search' but was unable to locate it. It didn't save.

I have not been able to replicate this problem. But I NEVER lose my work by my own mistake in LibreOffice and believe there must be a problem with this feature.
Please look into this

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Post by Admin » 17 Nov 2011 07:18
Ok, we will try to explore this function again.

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Post by Admin » 21 Nov 2011 14:19
We make some changes in this function. Version: 4.2 Build 03

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Postby coolrat33 » 22 Nov 2011 02:29
Hi Admin.

I'll test out the new version. I hope it fixes the various bugs that plagued the previous version.
The app is great... but the bugs are often serious and cause problems that waste many hours of the users time. Its frustrating :( :x

I'll test this feature and let you know what I find.
Thank you

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So it appears my gut feeling was spot on, after all. :D :P

OK, all done gloating. Apologies if I'm being obnoxious, it was just too good to pass up.  ;D

TreeDBNotes does show a lot of promise though, I plan to keep an eye on the developement. Right now the deal-breaker for me is the weak global search. Also, when I'm searching contacts, I don't want to specify exactly which field to search for. Let's hope the userbase pushes the dev towards more thorough search functionality. Rightnote has perhaps the best search I've seen in an organizer. *nosh successfully hits the on-topic button*


In a way this topic is about Tree-type programs in general. Heh I don't use the contacts tab and I never search for anything!   So it's that Vive La Difference dept. "Trade you Search for Web Books". :)

And no need to "gloat", I'm not a Fanboy. To muddy waters further, the runner up program I think was TreePad Enterprise (which has now since expired on me.) It handled "inserted Objects" better and who knows what else. So there's about 5-7 of these top tree programs out there, and it goes right back to my remark the first time of "what's the dealbreaker". If you want Search, and I want Web Books, we might end up on different programs. Only rare does a "program dominate all categories".

And no need to "gloat", I'm not a Fanboy.
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Didn't mean to imply you were one.

Objects! Both TreeDBNotes and Rightnote (running in a VM) couldn't handle an embedded Excel worksheet, they'd let me start off with it, work on it and when I tried to open it again they'd throw a "%1 not found" error.

WinOrganizer handles them slightly better but it's still too unreliable to risk wasting time and effort.

Yeah, so I forget how TreePad performed on that count. But vaguely, prob. not perfect.

So there you have it, the best I know!

Couple of quick comments/questions about RightNote:

I purchased the Pro version a few months ago but didn't start using it very often until recently. Here's two items that have me pretty well stumped!

* First, when a RightNote window is open (on Windows 7 64-bit), clicking the taskbar icon does not minimize it. When minimized a click does open the window. But I can't minimize it except by using the "minimize" icon at the right edge of the title bar.
* Secondly, I cannot print anything from RightNote! I can use Print Preview, but when I click on "Print" or the Print icon nothing happens for about 20 - 30 seconds, then an error message appears, as attached below.

I thought I would post this here since RightNote has no forum. Has anyone else seen this? BTW, I have not come across any other program that throws an error attempting to print. The printer is my default printer and has no unusual configuration. Also, the inability to minimize - never saw this before either. Anyone?




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