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Rightnote, commercial alternative to abandonware Keynote

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After evaluating on and off for 3+ years, I finally bit and purchased a standard license back in January, now I have upgraded to the Pro version (for a couple features).  I went from WinOrganizer (formerly Golden Section Organizer) to Keynote to KeynoteNF to RightNote.  For me, it is everything I've wanted in an organizer (minus a nice calendar system and easy, yet powerful web clipping like Surfulater, but those aren't THAT important to me right now).  The development and updates have really taken off in the last year and the program is becoming quite polished.  Satisfied customer here. :)

What can you do with above mentioned products that you cannot do in EverNote?.
-tymrwt33 (June 13, 2008, 11:20 PM)
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I did a medium study of all these tree databases a couple months ago.

The big gun feature for me is import and export capability.
Import: Import a ton of existing text documents and automatically load them into nodes.
Export: Roll up and export the whole note tree into a web page. Only two apps could do that export, and one lost out because it both had sloppy formatting and it also obfuscated my file names inside the web page so that it felt like it was "locking in" my data. TreeDBNotes was the winner because the output file is user-interactive, and the file names were recognizeable. (It auto appended some numbers like 367 to avoid file clashes, but that's no big deal".

Maybe if I have time I'll look at these other programs. I'd bet a jellybean that Evernote doesn't export as cleanly into web ebook. (But only a jelly bean. I didn't expect this thread, so I can't recall if I looked at Evernote.)

P.s. I get grumpy about Abandonware. It's the dark side of Copyright. "Ho hum, we can't be bothered to maintain this, let's just abandon it." (4 years later) "Oh look! Someone forked it and is updating it! Sue them! We're losing valuable IP!"

it is everything I've wanted in an organizer (minus a nice calendar system and easy, yet powerful web clipping like Surfulater-vegas (April 10, 2012, 05:46 AM)
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I haven't tried Surfulater, but I thought RightNote Pro's Web capture and clipping options weren't bad?  Pity the options screen can't show what hotkeys are currently set, but that's apparently a Vista/Win7 problem.

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I changed my mind somewhat.  RightNote's web clipping isn't as streamlined as, say, EverNote 2.2.  [/Edit]

Seeing as superboyAC liked it (our tastes are very similar) I downloaded RightNote and gave it a pretty thorough workout today. I like it enough I think I'll buy it and start moving stuff over.

I just wish they'd do a browser (FF or Opera) plugin for it that worked like Canaware NetNotes used to work before Mozilla broke it for the 5th time.

They can do clips. But it's not the same as tossing an entire webpage into it with a single right click.

-40hz (January 10, 2012, 06:31 PM)
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Just to confuse the issue, I already checked out Rightnote and it failed my testing. Have any of you looked at TreeDBNotes Pro? It does have flaws but the feature that sold me was its ability to auto produce 12 click websites like this. (This one is a draft of an author index for the ever so awesome Aphelion Webzine! (Product Placement!  ;D  )

Bought RightNote on BitsDuJour in mid-February and like it pretty well. I had hoped to use it to collect and organize web info at my workplace, but it won't work behind our proxy server :(. The developer says it's something he can work on.


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