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Rightnote, commercial alternative to abandonware Keynote

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I am testing it  and it  works very nice so far. They seem to get it right as far as referencing the original Keynote goes.

"RightNote is a multi-page notebook that allows you to store and organise an unlimited number of notes. With RightNote you'll know where to store all those little bits of information and find them too. Features word processing, spreadsheet and syntax highlighting type notes."

Looks interesting kartal, have you had an opportunity to try the synchronising?  That would make it almost ideal for me if that works well, i will give it a go later if you haven't tried it.

I do not think Rightnote has syncing?

oh dear, i was sure i saw it there, but i go and look again and i see nothing about it  :-[ , oh well, still it looks nice and the price is good just at the moment too.

I think synching might refer to the purpose of their other product, Compare Advance.  They haven't laid out their Web page clearly enough.


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