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Dino Run - cool online retro style multiplayer game

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You, a small dinosaur, run from left to right, passing various obstacles (inanimate and other) and trying to get to safety before you are buried by a wall of lava and smoke. Made in retro style big pixel graphics. And there is an online multiplayer mode!

Darn, that's cool!

The graphics are plain old retro-wonderful, and the music almost sounds worthy of the MOS-6581 (aka SID) chip from the C=64.

 :-* :-* :-*

Fun game! I got a high score! Yay!

Dino Run - cool online retro style multiplayer game

Yes, really fun! I haven't grown tired of it yet. It looks boringly simple at first glance but is actually really challenging in multiplayer mode. I first played as a guest but now finally registered a nick and realized that there are more maps available when you level up!


Dino Run DX has just been released on Steam.

It looks to be a nice iteration on the original, with more features coming as they raise more money:

If I understand their website correctly, you can "donate" to their funding campaign and get a Steam key for the game for cheaper than the game costs on Steam.


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