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Discussion - should we use drupal?

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cool, ill have to try it.

so many addon modules.. hard to know where to start.

i'm reading that mambo/joomla integrates much more easily with the smf forum system.. so i'm going to try a mamo install next.

Carol Haynes:
FCKEditor isn't the panacea I thought ...

Trouble is you have to allow full HTML access for writing documents to get it to work even close to WYSIWYG and I am finding that you really need to use tables to produce any sort of organised page layout. Trouble is that the tables can really screw up the whol site template ....

Maybe I'll have a look at Mambo too ;)

Just wondering.. since I don't know what Drupal is, could someone just quickly tell me how exactly this is going to be useful to the site and its users? Thanks

The most immediate use we have been thinking about is as a tool for collaborative writing of Reviews.

That is, a place where many people can add content to about different programs so we can more easily build comprehensive reviews; different people might write up descriptions of different programs, etc.

It also might serve as an alternative portal for tracking feature requests and bugs, and an alternate way of hosting blogs where anyone on our site can write them.


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