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Discussion - should we use drupal?

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Ah. I did see the Wiki link above but it was still a bit unclear that you had indeed decided to go with it for the long-term. You might want to edit the Drupal news/front page item to reflect this decision as that was the main factor in my assumption that this was still under debate.

- Oshyan

good point, yes i will.

i guess the truth is that no final official decision was made, but i guess it's become the defacto decision now, just because it seems to do what we want and no significant issues have come up.  i have to say i really really liked drupal, but none of the content management systems i looked at had anywhere near the collaborative editing support that wiki has (drupal was closest), so that was the main determinitve factor.

when i get a chance i'd like to modify the wiki to use forum logins so that users dont have to sign up and sign in to the wiki independently.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
I know this thread is almost a year old, and I don't know where you (Mouser) stand with the decision.

was one made?
are you using a home-made CMS?
i dunno!
Just offering my own opinion: ExpressionEngine by is highly robust, extremely customizable and it offers EVERYTHING you are seeking.

I've been toying with the free Core version for over 5 months now. Highly recommended.


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