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[bug report] Plist Plugin

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Hello taichimaster.

I have a problem with plist under the lastest FARR.
I can see only one printer in the plist display.
My version is

Can you help?

One wouldn't ask if your plugin were not so useful!

i think v0.0.0.5 had fixed this bug, i updated mine via DCUpdater. ok, i noticed that you're having problems with v0.0.0.5.

the problem is that we moved member servers and it looks like the older version of plist was on the new server by mistake, so that's surely the problem.  when v0.0.5 is back it will solve the problem.

i think v0.0.0.5 had fixed this bug-lanux128
--- End quote ---

Yes, thanks.  For reasons of my own I had removed the printer-plugin folder. Reinstallation of the plug-in picked up the older version, as mentioned by mouser.

The correct term for this is FARR too much funn.  ;)

New version!

v0.0.0.6 (July 10th, 2008)
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