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[bug report] Plist Plugin

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With 2.05.01 plist doesn't function well.
Shows only 1 entry here, vs. 10 previously.
Calling an explicit printer e.g. plist Canon shows only the first Canon entry.

nice find. i can confirm this too.. but im not sure why it's happening yet.
the result count shown on statusbar seems to indicate all results have been made available, not sure why FARR would only show 1.  looking into it.

Ok i can confirm that the problem is that FARR thinks the entries are "duplicates" and is rejecting them.
Technically this happens because the plist results are returned as file and the filename for each entry is the same.

I've modified FARR to only do dupe checking with files, but the plist plugin needs to be rebuilt to return results saying that the return type is something other than a file (E_EntryType_UNKNOWN would be good).

I could actually work around this but it would be a little inefficient so i'll wait for a plist update.

Plist working OK here - I must have out-of-date copies (FARR 2.00.145).  Is plist's purpose to set the default printer?  Could there also be an option to also open a particular printer, so you can see the progress of that printer's jobs?  I don't think you can do that from most launchers because the desktop links for printers aren't files?  Thanks...

One of the new plugin features that will be coming very soon will be the ability to specify a custom right-click context menu for items displayed.  That would make it easier to do things like show menu items to open printer etc.


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