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Need easier way to get plugins


I really miss the days when most plugins came with the FARR2 alpha. There at least needs to be an easier way to get all the major ones.

Right now, I have to manually download the DcUpdater, click Recheck, and then Right click on every single plugin that I want to install.

If nothing else, at least add a simple way to download/install all plugins listed there in one click.

Also, FARR2 likes to be annoying with "Welcome to FARR" blue boxes in the bottom right of the screen. At least make them go away quicker.

Finally, I'm making these critiques because I generally find FARR to be the best thing around, but I have to set up a lot of PCs, so these speed bumps in the way of getting things running smoothly effect me often. Thanks!

If you click directly on the blue box that pops up whenever FARR starts up, it will disappear instantly.

these alert boxes should only ever come up if you don't put in a license key (free or otherwise), right?

I agree that the updater needs a way of auto-discovering new plugins so as to make it easy to install any plugin.


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