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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleCalendar

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I just installed FARR yesterday after looking at it longingly for a couple of years (during which time I was using Launchy).

Brand new machine, time to try some improved technology.  But I did spend a good 4-5 hours getting my head wrapped around the plugin system (and all the issues and outdated ones).

That "Advanced Plugin Options" thing is misleading since you'd think credentials would be a basic element.  Anyway, that button will help out a bunch.

Now if someone would "put me right" as you so eloquently stated, I'd love to get this working on my end as well :)

Having put in my detials for google I tried using the plugin but it just crashed FARR, so I have erased this plugin it's a bit unstable at the moment.

As I stated above, if you're using Google's 2-Step then you need to generate an application specific pwd.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of the error that it produced so whomever might come along can have a bigger sample set to debug with?


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