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Today is release day !!!

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indeed i will release a new beta version today, though you shouldn't expect much excitement unless you are a plugin coder.  but it is significant in the sense that it marks the start of me jump starting farr development.  updates should start coming much more frequenlty after today.

and how is it with JS SDK? will it be released also today?

ecaradec has made a new update of the js sdk that let's plugins know when special keys are pressed in memo mode and let's plugins know when Enter has been pressed during search, which is what you've been waiting for in terms of not needing to end lines with && and other such stuff.

Out of curiosity.. Are you going to change the "end" / "home" behaviour of the keys on memo mode for this update, mouser?

yes already done.
home+end now stay in edit box. ctrl+home/end/pgdn/pgup navigate the memo contents.


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