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WebDrive Mini-Review: Caching FTP-to-LocalDrive Mapping Tool

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Just checking ;-) Didnt want people thinking what could easily be implied by this dual posting

Good point.  Let me clarify my thinking on discounts for reviewed items:

It's very common for us to contact a company that has received a positive mini-review on the forum to see if they want to offer a discount to DC members, since it's likely to be a program that forum members may want.

What we do not allow in any manner, shape, or form is:

* We will not tolerate anyone getting any payment in return for writing a review.  If we find out that someone on our forum has been given some payment in return for writing a review we will take every step possible to call out the company and writer and make sure that the consequences outweigh any possible ill-gotten benefits. [important note: as discussed on the forum several times, we do not have a problem with a reviewer getting a free copy of the program being reviewed for their own personal use, as this does not present an incentive to write a good review of a bad product and seems fair].
* We will not tolerate any pressure on a company to give a discount in order to get a positive mini-review.
* No one with any other conflict of interest or relationship with a developer that would bias a review should be writing a review without clearly stating their relationship and biases up front.

SftpDrive - the main commercial competitor to WebDrive, cheaper, available for mac.  Looks good but not as powerful, and less protocols supported.
-mouser (June 06, 2008, 08:55 PM)
--- End quote ---

I have an SFTPDrive license, and it works very nicely (except for a proxy problem I have - see below). I'd like to mention a couple things:

* SFTPDrive is licensed 'per-user' so you can install on multiple machines.  This is the main reason I chose SFTPDrive over WebDrive.
* Unfortunately, SFTPDrive does not support HTTP proxies, so my use of it at work has been severely hampered when the proxy setup changed a while ago.  I don't know whether or not WebDrive supports HTTP proxies.

mwb1100: Do keep us informed if you find a s/w using which one can connect to FTP server from behind a corporate HTTP proxy.

Actually Netdrive does not support SFTP protocol.
So it remain only Webdrive and Sftpdrive. Both support private key ssh authentification.

The licence for Webdrive is very clear: the software can only be used on one computer "Individual Copies (for use on 1 computer)". This is a no-no for me, I will use it on my home pc, my laptop and my work pc.

SFTPDrive is licensed 'per-user' so you can install on multiple machines.  This is the main reason I chose SFTPDrive over WebDrive.
-mwb1100 (June 07, 2008, 07:07 PM)
--- End quote ---
Where did you find this information on the very limited website of SFTPdrive ?

I find SFTPdrive less powerful, and much slower (no caching ?) but is the only one I can afford. Too bad the licence for webdrive is so restrictive. On the other hand, Webdrive is a piece-of-the art software. The caching, and synchronisation feature is a must-have. But it is way, way too expensive if you're planning to use it on more than one computer.

Currently, to access my files, I use a smb share (windows or samba linux), and hamachi. This is slow as hell, but is free. I am ready to buy a licence to gain speed, but not at the price of Webdrive ! 3*$60 (Webdrive) vs 1*$39 (SFTPDrive). Even with the -28% coupon.


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