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WebDrive Mini-Review: Caching FTP-to-LocalDrive Mapping Tool

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Interesting theory..

If you're planning on using WebDrive to do file synchronization with a remote server, I can no longer recommend it.

For reasons completely unfathomable to me, last week WebDrive decided that it would redownload EVERY file EVERY time it connects, rendering it completely unusable as a file synchronization tool.  Your mileage may very but the app went from essential to useless for me overnight.
-mouser (March 16, 2013, 09:16 AM)
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That's crazy!  I wonder if it is due to copyright or legal issues.

last week WebDrive decided that it would redownload EVERY file EVERY time it connects
-mouser (March 16, 2013, 09:16 AM)
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Is this something to do with DST that changed last weekend in the Northern America's?
-Ath (March 16, 2013, 09:52 AM)
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Someone would be happy to assist you if you visit our online helpdesk at (I work for the publisher of this application). Once you are there, simply click "Submit a Ticket" and please describe your problem in detail.  It sounds like a simple cache setting that will correct this issue and our team will be happy to help you with that as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Thank you for posting Kim -- I think it says something about the company that you saw this post and took the time to register and reply.

I actually thought it might be something to do with cache settings and tried a ton of them with no luck.  Then I installed the new version (which is a paid upgrade that I haven't yet purchased) in hopes that that would solve the problem, but no luck.

The crazy thing is that it's been working well for quite a while and I don't know what suddenly caused this trouble -- the only thing I can think of is that I replaced and cloned the hard disk that holds the downloaded backup files and maybe that confused it into thinking the files needed to be redownloaded.

Thinking that might be it I let it redownload a 100 gb of files, but it was never satisfied and each night it wanted to re-download the same 100gb over again..

HOWEVER, I believe it is now working -- and I'll show you the option that I set that seems to have made the difference:

I don't know if that option spontaneously unchecked -- or more likely that what's happened is something went wrong making the program think the files have changed, and without that option it can't verify that without redownloading them..

Regardless, for now all seems to be working well again.  I will report if it happens again -- and if anyone else has the same problem they should check out that option.


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