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WebDrive Mini-Review: Caching FTP-to-LocalDrive Mapping Tool

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i am still using it.  i use it to regularly fetch files from a secure ftp server -- i don't  know if you could set something like that up with drop box.

The extra feature of webdrive over other sftp clients is the catching and the integration with the standard file manager. This enables to basically just work and not worry about whether server and local version are in sync.

This is what could be replicated by installing dropbox on the server. You even get the overlay icons on the local machine to see that everything is synced.

That´s what I meant, not real sftp.

Another choice for this functionality that I'm using (purchased on BDJ):

Very similar, and offers  FTP, SFTP AND Amazon S3.  It also offers Putty Pagent integration.  It was cheap, and it just works.

So, ExpanDrive supports FTP on Windows now?  I know they added FTP and Amazon to the Mac version a while back, but wasn't aware that they had updated the Windows version too.

The nice thing about ExpanDrive (I have an older version that only supports SFTP) over WebDrive is that it has a per-user license so I can use it on all my machines.

Why didn't anyone ever tell me about these??  I've been asking about these forever!!!
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This is what I'm talking about baby!


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