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(help!) Unclickable windows

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More than 7 months since the last post on this board...!

Anyway, I have a strange issue with PopUp Wisdom.

For some reason, I can't click any of the buttons on its windows. They are highlighted when I mouse over them, but nothing happens upon clicking. The only button I can click is the "close" button on the top right of the window.

The Preferences window is only accessible by right-clicking the system tray icon (the menu from this icon is the only thing that works) and again, I can highlight the buttons but not click on them.

Funny thing is that I used PopUp Wisdom a couple weeks ago and it worked perfectly fine. I could chose which books I wanted quotes from, I could click "random" endlessly to get as many quotes as I wanted... it's just, suddenly, now, it don't work. :(

Any help please?

(Sorry that my first post on DonationCoder should be a support question! Love reading the forums here!)

That is really strange and i've never heard about this phenomena before..
Couple of questions:
can you click the close buttons on these forms or not even those? If not even those, then it sounds like it might be one of those cases where there is another modal window on screen that you cant really see but that is blocking being able to click on the forms at all.
if you restart the program (or computer) does the problem get fixed?

i've just recently been getting around to updating all of my programs so expect a popup wisdom update sometime in june.


The close buttons on the top-right of the window are fine. And I've restarted both the program and my computer a couple times but nothing changes...

Oh and I've just discovered the same problem with my copy of Clipboard Help+Spell :(

It could be a Mouser's Software problem ;) but the rest (FARR, Screenshot Captor and Process Tamer) are fine...

Do you think a re-install would help?

reinstall wont help.

but that's an interesting clue regarding clipboard help+spell having same issue.

what operating system are you using?

the really strange issue is the fact that it was working for you before..

i think the best thing would be for me to rebuild pop up wisdom using latest codebase and see if that doesn't solve the problem.. if not we can investigate other causes.

thanks! :)

i'm using Windows XP Home SP2. hope this helps...

good luck! i guess i'll check back later.


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