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The 10 most annoying programs on the Internet

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Take a closer look on its description. It is programming language. No-one will ever "speak it" because it would be as nonsense as talking C++ or Pascal.

 :-[  yeah, I should have looked closer. Much closer!
Again, Thanks for informing! 

though, the lolcode language seems to be quite new... a year or so?

lolcode cats:
8)  :D

Worried about Genuine Advantage?  GET LEGAL.  It hurts nothing and reveals nothing if you are running a legal copy of Windows.-y0himba (July 05, 2008, 10:41 AM)
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Except that it sometimes invalidates perfectly legit windows install - this has happened a couple of times at the museum where I admin stuff. And it's bothersome having to install a bloody useless plugin just to be able to get certain downloads from the MS site.

Windows Update works, period, probably one of the few things they have done right.  MS hater or no, it does have it's advantages.-y0himba (July 05, 2008, 10:41 AM)
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Windows Update is nice, it's the auto-rebooting and constantly-appearing "you have to reboot to finalize update" that's annoying. Oh, and the few times when an auto-downloaded hotfix starts causing BSODs.

My opinions:

Adobe Reader -- Foxit Reader is faster, smaller, and does the same.
Apple -- I hate the Apple Updater for Windows. It keeps coming back and wants me to download QuickTime and iTunes.
Windows Update -- It's fine, besides the restart part. That can be disabled either through FARR, or one of the methods here.
Java -- Not that bad. You can uncheck the Yahoo! toolbar, and disable automatic updates if you want.
Yahoo! -- Their mail is great. For the messenger, I use Pidgin.
Norton AntiVirus -- I've heard a couple of good reviews, but it's SO MEMORY-HOGGING!
Preinstalled software bundles -- I uninstall everything I understand. The only good thing I ever got out of it was PowerDvd, which VLC is an alternative for.
Outlook -- Thunderbird.
Flash -- Flash games are cool, but I hate all-flash websites. They're so slow!


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