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The 10 most annoying programs on the Internet

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I hate to beat a dead horse even more, but I think Adobe Reader has long since taken the deep plunge, and is just gathering more speed with every iteration.

Twice in the past month I've come across applications designed in earlier versions of Adobe (and I mean earlier by one or two) that simply don't function in the latest versions of the Reader.  In one case, the app rendered a document with blank squares in random sections, and printed nothing but blank paper.  In the second case, the app caused Reader to crash.

The Solution? Foxit pdf reader, one of the so-called lightweight readers.  I've been using Foxit for over a years now (I have no affiliation) and it hasn't peeped croaked or farted even once.

What ticks me off about AR is that it won't print ' characters properly... I always get random crap. Most annoying.

So if you hate Flash so much then why not Adopt Silverlight which has no official installer for mozzila..instead mozzila team is working with moonlight for extention on their own..MS not even cares for the firefox or Opera users....Silverlight maybe small in size but it exhibits simmilar problems as that of flash..
-mahesh2k (June 03, 2008, 11:31 AM)
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Two things:

1) I have adopted Silverlight in addition to flash on my home PC and wherever I can.  However,
2) I think it is truly poor when people rely on these engines to provide content.  I have no problems with it being an additional capability on the site for those who want to take advantage of it, but why force it down peoples throats?  Why not give the consumer the option instead of alienating a segment of the population that is otherwise interested in your content?  I have a very similar gripe against those who publish only HTML emails...

Why is Windows Update annoying?. I have mine set on automatic, download only but ask permission to install. If I am too busy doing something else I refuse until I am ready.

Fred Nerd:
I just found out that Foxit will open secured PDFs which Adobe blocks saying license expired. Foxit also prints them, etc. Not that I should be doing it, but that doesn't stop me

(I needed to know the Australian Standards for my schoolwork, the school license means every time I want to look at the PDF, I have to re-download a 5mb file, sounds great >:( so I used Foxit and don't have to bother with red tape......)


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