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The 10 most annoying programs on the Internet

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Acrobat Reader (or whatever they're calling it these days) USED to be a bloated PITA (think versions 5 through 7 or so) but using Adobe Reader SPeedup, I've managed to get it to start as quickly, and in some cases, more quickly, than the light-weight alternatives. Doing this means you get all of the other functionality that Renegade mentions - it just doesn't auto-load whenever you start the program.

Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe's Acrobat/Reader software bearable for everyday use. AR SpeedUp only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few seconds) and then your 'Reader will be transformed forever. There are also some tweaking options available.
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Basically, you're given a simple GUI from which to disable plug-ins that you don't often use from starting every time the Reader is invoked.

I certaintly agree with #1.
Windows update I have automatic update turned off. I prefer to do manual updates once a week.

I don't know why she's picking on flash though, from what little I've seen of it, it seems like a really promising technology. Blaming flash for all the badly designed sites using it isn't really justified.   
There’s nothing wrong with Flash, provided you don’t use it to construct Web sites where people want to find information, navigate easily, or do anything beyond passively consume exactly what you choose to give them in exactly the way you’ve decided.
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Not always true, I've seen some pretty decent sites that use flash for navigation.
-nosh (June 02, 2008, 04:00 AM)
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Thanks for the update on Yahoo.  Like I said, I only use their online offerings.  I even use YIM through the online email the rare time I use it at all.

As for Flash, that is great and wonderful when they work, but have you ever tried using it behind a firewall that blocks flash, or on a cell phone, or in a plethora of other locations?  Using flash, especially as navigation, is just bad,bad,bad!  :down: :mad:

...but have you ever tried using it behind a firewall that blocks flash, or on a cell phone, or in a plethora of other locations?
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Like a dial-up connection?
 :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

I think whoever wrote that article is frustrated with computer...i have found adobe reader and windows-update & bundled package most annoying..but other than that rest of the programs are OK..Whats wrong with Apple and Yahoo?..just because some itunes is less usable makes entire apple lame? in that case try using Macbook pro...And about ..Yahoo well i think that guy loves Google and never used search engine before google..Yahoo was most widely used along with altavista before google..i think that guy forgot it isnt it?

So if you hate Flash so much then why not Adopt Silverlight which has no official installer for mozzila..instead mozzila team is working with moonlight for extention on their own..MS not even cares for the firefox or Opera users....Silverlight maybe small in size but it exhibits simmilar problems as that of flash..


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