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The 10 most annoying programs on the Internet

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there is another thread that deals with "annoying" things in general but i had been wondering what are the software DC'ers love to hate. just to kick-start the discussion, i'll post this article i found at TechRep.


The ten listed on that site were pretty good.

I'll just add to that: Just about anything that bundles other software, especially toolbars, is among the most annoying.

#8 is quite easy to get rid off, just reformat and reinstall Windows. I know that's not a realistic option for non-techies, plus manufacturers never give you a true Windows XP copy, just a recovery disc. But, even if you had to pirate it, it would be better to have a clean illegal XP rather than a crapware fill original installation where you can't even decide how it should be partitioned. Plus, what the heck is that recovery partition for anyway? It doesn't even compare to a real acronis disc image.

I don't know about the rest of them, but #1 is dead on the money.

The only one I don't really get is Yahoo.  I can agree to varying degrees with EVERY OTHER ONE.  However, I only use Yahoo for online mail, so maybe that is why?  I know I hate their toolbar, but I never use it.  I only hate it because it is packaged with so much other crap.  YIM is another package I never use, so I can't comment on that either.  Is there any other software they have that I don't use?  Who knows, who cares.... :P


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