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Flash Game of the Week: Robokill

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JUST completed the free part of it now, must say I quite enjoyed it - pretty well balanced, just the right amount of die/retry frustration - enough that the game isn't supereasy, but not enough to make me want to smash stuff.

I really like the graphics and sounds, the whole atmosphere of the game. Certainly has some Alien Breed feel to it, if a bit simpler/easier. I'd love to see what the team behind Robokill could do if they produced a native non-flash game...

I did buy it and now I'm walking it through the second time :)

I played until I made level 16 so I could try out all the available content for the free version. What a fun game. I never had too much of a problem staying alive, I guess the shield boosters were all that I carried in my Upgrade slots though. I also used the same strategy as Deozaan, keeping the traps for after the action as often as I could. Great game by I enjoy the Stunt Pilot game too.

Thanks for the cool feedback everyone! I agree that WiiWare would be a good fit for the game, we are definitely looking into it.

Ace of Night:
Hey mouser, is it okay if i use your email address?  I just want the full game and im poor.  If i cant use yours, is there another email address that works?  If so, please reply. Thank you for your time.


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