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"Made with Screenshot Captor" object

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i would love to have a collection of these to add to the next release.

stefan and and anyone else - care to make some? a variety of sizes and appearance is fine we can add a few.

i think they should also somehow say
"made with Screenshot Captor"

and if they also say "" that would be nice too, though it would be ok i think for some not to.

Yeah, variety would be good! Too bad I can't help you there (only with object ideas), I'm not that gfx expert myself  :(

Hopefully we have some other capable folks besides Stefan here? I remember Carol showing us that funny movie image? :D

I try to learn "btw" an ohter graphic tool.

here is just an size test....

Carol Haynes:
And how about this (not specifically SC)

Carol Haynes:
Sorry the colours (and intensities) are completely different to the way they appear off the webpage - I must get a web compatible palette sorted out ...


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