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This is the Hardcore version of System Path Commander, it is intended for experienced Hard core users who know there way around the Windows Registry, if you are not one of these users DO NOT use this version.

All configuration is done via the ini file "spc.spi".

I have included an "example_spc.spi" for the more advanced users which illustrates some extra settings to allow you too fully customize your usage of SPC.

NOTE: Before using this on your productive registry keys, it is highly advisable to test throughly whether SPC can perform the tasks, you expect of it.

The main feature is that all mappings are user customizable from the config file.

If you have a single delimitor string in the registry this can be split across many lines in a GUI to aid administration of the entries in a simple visual way, before only Path was captured, now anything can be configured for example PATH, INCLUDE, CLASSPATH etc....

Also within the registry you have lists of strings which relate to certain functions ( ie: development components ), these are now handled in the same user friendly way as above.

The above allows you to load and unload development components before starting your development IDE to minimize your memory footprint while developing solutions for clients.

Within the example_spc.spi file, there are three examples, they relate to the LOCAL and SYSTEM PATH mappings, and the Development Component mappings.

Convert to long or short names depending on your requirement.

Check / Inverse / Convert Short/Long file name actions are now processed on all selected items.

Now supports additional ini files for the true masters, note these are called at start time, and you can also switch between up to 10 additional ini file at
runtime using the key combo CTRL+1 etc, the new ini file name is expected to be spc.spi.1 (default) or in the example below network.spi.1

spc.exe network.spi

Key Combo:
Select ALL - CTRL+A

Realtime Change ini file - CTRL+0 ... CTRL+9

CTRL+0 ..Reload base ini file, dropping your changes.

The ini file used is listed in the Window caption.

If you run as a limited user, you are still able to use spc, if you need admin rights to change something then you are automatically prompted for this.

You will notice I have reintroduced the old Copy and Move functions, as I still see a use for this.

You will now be asked to install spc on first use, so that you adhere to the new administratrive model of windows, if you wish to use a specific spi, just provide it as a parameter on the command line, or via the shortcut on the desktop.


Disclaimer: Application is provided as is, no one is responsible for any changes except the user pressing the Update button, until this happens, nothing changes on your system.

1.34..Fixed two bugs, added more functions, and also the ability to utilise user elevation actions if needed.
1.33..Fixed a bug, added more functions.
1.32..Hardcore Public release

very interesting.. what are the new features?

very interesting.. what are the new features?
-mouser (May 18, 2008, 04:43 PM)
--- End quote ---
Added to the sticky

Ah.. very cool..
So now we can add custom reg keys, so things like the borland/codegear package lists, and include/lib paths can be played with.. very nice!!

SPC v1.34+ Hardcore released


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