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Disabling Quick Launch once and for all - possible?

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Yes, thanks Carol, I should have mentioned that, and was going to but i was continuing the search and forgot about it.

Although it does say that it will disable them all, i should have said it also.

But if you do this, doesn't it just rebuild it?  I mean XP (at least, Vista I would assume also) just KNOWS you didn't REALLY want to do that, so it just automatically rebuilds it for you - well that is the way it works with many files such as this.  I never tried with that particular one, because I use it a lot.

Isn't it nice that Microsoft is so omniscient  >:(. 

just noticed this.. have you tried the old DOS trick of deleting the "Quick Launch" folder and creating a file with the same name and give it an attribute of hidden or system. then Windows won't be able re-create the folder.


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