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Report Columns Feature Request


Would it be possible to add another set of "Report Columns" options in the display tab for the large icon slide display style. This way you would have a "Report Columns" for each display style and could specify different columns to use for each style. To be more accurate it would probably be a "Report Columns" for the small icon report and "Report Rows" for the large icon slide style. I think this would work well especially with the functionality to automatically switch display styles. I find myself using the large icons for regular app launching etc where i wouldnt normally need to view a lot of the other columns however when it automatically switches to the small icon report for dir results as well as a lot of the plugin results i would like to see the other columns.

Likewise it would be great if in the Fonts tab you could have the option to set the font/size for the other rows besides the "Name" row when using the large icon style. Being able to change the fonts would imo be very helpful in making the "Name" row more prominent and distinguishable from any other rows the user has specified.

Interesting ideas and they make some sense.
Let me get this next release out the door with all these plugin api enhancements and bug fixes and then we can return to this issue.


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