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Project Torque: Free to play racing insanity


Anyone with an older gaming PC or modern average office computer (or better, of course) should be able to run this maddeningly fun racing game.

Project Torque is a 100% online (DSL or better required, sorry dialup folks) racing game. It has 6 game modes, with a 7th coming out next update. They are:

* Pro Versus (racing)
* Amateur Versus (racing with ghost - no vehicle to vehicle collisions)
* Capture the Flag (most insane game type, 16 people in CTF can be ... there is no word to describe it ;D)
* Explorer (explore the map for items and collect them all, but get Combo Bonuses for even more Experience and Reward Points :))
* Thunder Alley (NASCAR racing with a twist - major Experience and Reward Points can be had, if you have the patience ;))
* Challenge (winner takes all - pay up, get in, get even, get your share of the moolah - just try to place in the top 3 to at least get some of your (and their) cash back ;D)
The game includes fictional and real life cars, in FF, FR, RR, MR, and AWD drivetrains. Real life cars require you to purchase Aeria Points to buy, due to agreements with car manufacturers ($20 = 2500 Aeria Points, and most high end real life cars are about 1950 Aeria Points).

There are several landscapes and environments to wreak havoc on...

* License test - test drive your car and get new and higher licenses here. No other events take place here.
* Japan - A somewhat believable recreation of a small city in Japan - Pro/Amateur VS, CTF and Explorer can be played here
* Mud - A fictional map made for rally and AWD vehicles - Pro/Amateur VS and Explorer can be played here
* Serpentine - A Euro (or somewhere in the East, sorry about not knowing the exact location :P) track with large lake and interesting landscape - Pro/Amateur VS and Explorer can be played here
* Circuit - A fictional racetrack, quite expansive, and confusing - Pro/Amateur VS, CTF and Explorer can be played here
* England - A rural area somewhere in England. Popular with noobs. - Pro/Amateur VS can be played here
* San Fran Bay Area (USA) - The San Francisco bay area, complete with slippery roads near the ocean - Pro/Amateur VS can be played here
* Construction Site - A fictional construction area, made for rally and AWD vehicles. Features destructible environment items. Insane fun on CTF. Pro/Amateur VS and CTF can be played here
I think there is another course but I can't think of it right now. You get the idea though :)

You get a choice of about 6 cars when you first start out (I own 2 of these "noob cars") and a wide selection of colors. You can upgrade your vehicle with RP and AP, assuming your XP level is high enough.

Project Torque is a several hundred MB install file and it may need patching (about 30 mins on 3MBPS for me) and it takes 3.08GB HD space (as of this writing, on my machine). It is worth every byte though :)

You can check it out for yourself at the official website here:

They are always having sales and events, and they scroll along the main menu at the top if you don't catch them in the Patcher or on the site.

I hope to see some of you in Project Torque!

Screenshots of in game!

I am about to try and take video with Fraps, I'll let you know how it goes (and if all goes well, have some YouTube links up). :)

(First image, orange car, is a fictional vehicle - the Corus. One of the "noob" cars. Second image, of the blue car, is my RX-8. I paid $20 for it along with 5 upgrades included. It is mentionable that the second image is right at the ending of an Explorer game in Japan.)

I can not currently get videos on YouTube because my AVI codec is borked (I'll fix it, but for now it is "on the list").

However, I was playing Project Torque tonight and had some pretty freaky stuff happening to me. I did a double barrel roll off a hill, landed it, and took off. I won every Explorer mode race. And...uh ... check out one of the other strange occurrences is in the attached screenshot.

Cool, huh? :)
(If you don't see it, check my RP level)


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