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Firefox 3 + IE6

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it's insane how many different ways there are to mess with the default browser. it's ridiculous.
ok what i need you to do for me is install a registry snapshot-compare tool, and compare your registry when IE is default vs when FF3 is default -- that will tell me which registry entries are changed and i can add support in browsertrayswitch to make those changes.
-mouser (May 16, 2008, 03:43 PM)
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Here's a tool:

Thanks, Mouser - attached is the RegShot "compare" file (before: default=FF3; after: default=IE6). Hopefully that will help us troubleshoot this issue.

Of course, I'd be happy to "beta test" any prelim updates you make to BrowserTraySwitch.

btw, thanks for the tip on RegShot. Great tool - can't believe I've never used it before.


ps: you'll need to rename the .txt file as .htm - forum doesn't allow uploads of .htm files.

Just a quick update: I installed the new FF3 RC1 yesterday, which includes a new option during install to make FF your default browser. Just so you know, this does not fix the issue I've described - I was hoping it might. Oh well...


ps: unrelated topic - Firefox3 RC1 does NOT render the DonationCoder Forum pages correctly - screenshot attached. I assume the same is true with any SMF-based forums.

Thanks for the info johnny, i'm going to try to address the browsertrayswitch soon i just have to handle a few other more pressing matters first.

As for the FF3, that's not good.. looks like css stylesheet is not being used properly.. i'll have to try to figure out why.



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