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when I was in Denmark I have seen cool piece of paper. Because I have never seen it here in the Czech Republic, I have decided to create one by myself. I use all the time :Thmbsup:

How it works:
Let say you have 3 PIN-codes you want to remember:"0123" "4567" "8901". You type them in any fields you wish in the table and then fill all other fields in such a way that every number is in the table exactly 4 times.
Video Preview:

i don't get it  :huh:

i don't get it  :huh:
-mouser (May 16, 2008, 10:30 AM)
--- End quote ---
Did you watch the entire Flash video?

perhaps it's because i just woke up but i watched the video and felt like i was being subjected to a new form of torture.  20 minutes of watching numbers being slowly and randomly typed into a grid.  are you sure this isn't some new technique that the government is inventing to sneak by the geneva conventions?

Same to me, I have no idea how I can possibly recover my "lost" PIN code with this technique.


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