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HTML Tree menu help


not sure if this is the right 'forum' for this type of questions, but I'm looking for some assistance in tracking down what I expect will be a bit of javascript (I have no javascript knowledge)

What I want to do is build a graphical (tree) representation of a hierarchical structure.  What I have in mind is something pretty simple, ie no links or special effects.  The option to collapse/expand the tree would be nice, but not essential.

I have been googling and there appears to be plenty of builder app's, and plenty of CSS solutions, however I would like to keep this to a single file if at all possible.

Source data is in tabular (excel) format - I can see that a number of the CSS solutions use unordered lists as their source, and I can produce this relatively easily (in VBA).

What I don't seem to be able to find is a non CSS option (as usual, the problem is that I don't know the right questions to ask - then again, if i did, I probably wouldn't need to ask in the first place!!)

never mind, i worked out I could paste the contents of the JS file into my HTML and retain the functionality...

now if I only understood it...


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