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Clipboard/Formfiller/Etc revisited

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I have a need that I can never seem to find the right tool for.  I am looking for a program that will fill out fields in various applications.  These fields should be able to be strung together such that if I am in an Acrobat form, for example, a single hotkey will fill in all predefined fields.  Ideally it would be application aware, so that when I am in a different but similar document in Word (again, for example), it would fill out the fields listed there with whatever predetermined clips were defined using the same hotkey combination.  Also, the hotkey combination should be user definable (for my purposes, function keys would be ideal - or maybe with an ALT+F# or WIN+F#).  Lastly it should be simple to setup definitions and VERY FAST to fill forms.  Also, I want to use this at work, but can not install it - so it must be portable.  A bonus would be if it can integrate with the clipboard where I can copy a section then use the hotkey and it will place the cut section in the associated field along with the rest of the "static" information.  However I don't know how or even if this could be done unless there is a timeout feature after the clip and before the paste.

One big use I can see now is for filling out Trouble Tickets where I must enter my name criteria over and over again along with a great deal of generic data in the "body" of the program.  This must frequently occur in a very short amount of time, but anyone who has dealt with ticketing systems knows it can be slow and cumbersome to enter this data.  Moreover, we have a variety of forms that we need to fill out for staff, but they are not (of course) in any single format.  Some are in Adobe Form-fillable PDF, some are in Word, some are web-based.  It is very annoying, but what is worse is entering the same data over and over again because nothing I have attempted thus far can handle these changes unless I do them one field at a time.  At that rate, the time savings over typing is minimal, if any.

I found several programs that fit a couple of these features, but nothing I found fits all of them.  The closest answer I have found and use is ditto clipboard extender, but I can't figure out how to chain several pastes together into a single hotkey.  Further, I can't seem to get any one to be set to always be available - like a favorites, though there seems to be that capacity.  I also looked at Mouser's own CHS.  It seems very capable of the same things as Ditto and more, but it is not as intuitive to me as Ditto (and honestly, I haven't given it the time to learn properly if it is capable of the things I need).

Perhaps this is sort of a feature/help request for CHS, but I am looking for something quick and easy to impliment in this vein.  Can anyone make any suggestions?

Here's a good option for those forms in the browser...

Autofill Forms 0.9.3

* Autofill Forms enables you to fill out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut.
* A set of customizable rules is used to determine the input for each form element.
* You are able to edit, remove, enable/disable the provided rules and to add your own ones.
* You can configure the order in which the rules are to be applied and define site specific rules.
* Profiles can be used to switch between several sets of rules.
* Autofill Forms works not only with text input fields but as well with selections, checkboxes and radio buttons.
* Autofill Forms only becomes active for the moment it autofills forms - so it doesn't use any system resources while surfing.
* To protect your personal data you have the option to store the form field rules encrypted.

Unfortunately, that is only the browser.  I have found many browser plugins that will do that, but I need it for several applications, not just web apps and I would prefer to use just one tool if at all possible.

This is the only one I found so far....

I've never used RoboForm - is it unable to enter the same information into different types of form?


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