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What to do when you receive bootleg videos?

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I've ordered things off of eBay before only to get pirated stuff. I couldn't use it. It was completely useless to me as I needed legitimate stuff. I don't bother even trying to buy stuff there anymore.

I've lost count, but put me down for "+" on the grass 'em out to eBay position!

Just read your update, and am not sure what you should do... This is an outlandish suggestion (off-topic: wonder if that expression is Scottish and means an English expression?! Just occurred to me... OK, back on topic), but perhaps you could have a notary verify that the tapes are "dodgy" before your send them back. Ultimately, what you want is the transaction recorded and your money back, no?

PS Idea is out there for a number of obvious reasons, but to hit the highlights - you'd likely have to pay to have the letter notarized and how does one go about verifying that the tapes are fake, at least to the point of satifsying a notary...?

Carol Haynes:
That's why I wondered if the police could confirm the bootleg status of the tapes. My problem then is that they might want to retain them for evidence or just to take them out of circulation.

How about this...

If paypal don't seem to want to cooperate, call your local tv news station and let them turn it into a story and sic news reporters on them to ask paypal a lot of what could be embarrassing questions  about piracy, fraud and their part in protecting criminals.

I think with cameras in their face and possible media nightmare they might just change their tone and do what is right.

I thought that ebay/paypal were pretty notorious for 'turning a blind eye' to counterfeiting if they don't have someone like Adobe coming down heavy on them. And notorious for not actually producing good resolutions - too many examples of sellers and buyers being stung and ebay/paypal just reaching casual judgements to get rid of the case. Whatever they claim, it really is a case of buyer (and seller) beware.


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