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Questions...Before I get in legal trouble, I'd better ask around

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Hey trhanks for that! I already notified asked the developers of Parted Magic and System Rescue CD and they are fine with it. I notfied Trinity's author and he didn't raise a concern. I don't think Clonzilla or GParted will be a problem but I think I will have to notify them too. UBCD, yes, I will have to let them know.

Beermatt, you are right. The reason I included them on the root menu of the CD is so you can have a more direct access to these great utilities *and* it makes my menu bigger :D Once I find replacements for them in the upcoming betas, I might remove them as you already mentioned they are included with UBCD.

Tekzel :) I am well aware I have been mentioning this for quite some time now. I had to wait for Trinity author's to release a new version of TRK. There was a problem with the boot volume with the older release of TRK and it was unable to boot when you do a multiboot CD. He kindly fixed the problem so a big thanks goes to him.

Talking about UBCD, the only thing different between the original and my version is the look of the menu. I simply modified its template to make it look consistant with the rest of the CD + I added a "Level Up" command so users can go back to the root of the CD in case they select UBCD by accident. demonstrates this.

Carol Haynes:
Unrelated to the original question (but related to the collection you plan) ...

Is it possible to ensure that boot time apps like these are chosen that work with USB keyboards - or at least warn the user in the menu which ones have issues?

I have found that some of these products (sorry can't remember which now - but I think UBCD was one) won't boot without a PS2 keyboard connected. I just get a message saying that my BIOS isn't ACPI compliant which is rubbish because as soon as I find an old PS2 keyboard and plug it in there is not problem.

Hmm I will have to research on that one as it is up to the included distro. I will have to see what I can do.

Unfortunately the developers of Ultimate Boot CD have not responded thus far to my request to include their ISO. I would take this as a no and I will respect it despite the GPL. This means, UBCD will have to be excluded if they don't respond by the time I get a green light from however I will post extremely easy instructions of how to include UBCD yourself. It will be extremely easy. I will leave the menu entry, I will just comment it out. All the user will have to do is uncomment the entry and copy the required files into the root dir of MRD's file system:


All the user will have to do is extract the UBCD ISO, copy these folders to the root of MultiDistro Rescue Disk's file system and uncomment the commented entry for UBCD and simply run the BuildISO.bat. A new ISO will be generated and that's it.

For now, I am still waiting for to authorise the project as I have to use their servers to upload the ISO.


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