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I got an idea for Website / Webservice - comments please

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I got a new display (the wonderfull Dell WFP3008 :-*). It turns out, that the brightness of it is way better than the one from my old 19" CRT. After working a few hours with it, I had to change all my colorschemes to darker ones. I did this for:

* Notepad++ (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, SQL)
* PHPEdit (PHP, SQL)
* Eclipse (Java, Ruby)
* Visual Studio (c#, XML)
* e-Texteditor (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, SQL, XML)
and it took a lot of time...

So the idea is to create a Webpage where users can add their colorschemes, save it in a editor-neutral format and generate colorscheme files for different editors / IDEs. I don't know if anyone would use such a thing, but I would be glad if I had found one :)

Comments, Suggestions, Yes, No  ;)

ASCII, and ye shall receive:

Is My IDE Hot or Not?

Yeah - I know this page, its cool for inspiration but you have to configure your editor by hand (or do I miss the option) - my idea is to store the submitted (color) settings and generate the appropriate colorscheme-file for your editor (which is in most cases an .ini or xml file). One theme stored, X theme-files generated :)

Would I like it yes, would it be popular - probably not. choosing ide colorschemes is something you only do once in a long while (months or years), as opposed to for example color pallettes for websites / brochures (every product). So you'd have to balance the effort you put into making the website. I enjoy reading people's blog posts on color schemes and I adapt the default when I install my pc because I never bother to save it out. Making it wider and do the online saving of application settings though  :-*.. (same problem with that actually). But if you enjoy making it I'm sure many people would find it useful, they just wouldn't visit that often for the reason mentioned.

A generic format/syntax for color schemes would be SUPERAWESOME!


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