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FARR Plugin Idea Holy Grail - DQSD (400 searches)

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The dqsd search addons consist of a standalone xml file which includes a description and then some javascript that knows how to execute the search.  You can download and look at them here:
-mouser (May 05, 2008, 09:35 PM)
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BTW, I don't know what it would mean to you mouser, but all of the searches seem to be distributed on the GPL.   :huh:  I'm pretty sure it means that you will not want to build support for it in FARR itself, but I'm not sure that building support for it in a LGPL plugin would be safe enough for you.  You might want to weigh in on that.


that the searches are gpl will have no effect on how this is done -- we aren't going to be modifying the searches at all, or even trying to distribute them here -- the goal is simply to build a compatible sdk that can load these files and use them as is.  gpl would only be an issue if we were modifying the search files themselves and then attempting to keep that closed source, which would be silly.

Being a coder myself, I can try to spare some time on it if neither czechboy nor ecaradec is interested.  I don't want to step on somebody's toes here.
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great.  i really do think this will be a very cool thing, not just because it will make all of these existing search scripts available to farr users, but because it provides a pretty easy way to let other people write intermediate custom scripts.

Well, I am not going to code it. I am not coder and it seams pretty complex to me :) So go ahead joes_garage :Thmbsup:

Well, I am not going to code it.
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I am not coder
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what on earth are you talking about?


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