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Your fav' audio CD burner?

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Carol Haynes:
To be fair Roxio did it before Nero - that is why I swapped to Nero 5 originally.

To be fair Roxio did it before Nero - that is why I swapped to Nero 5 originally.
-Carol Haynes (December 03, 2008, 04:53 PM)
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That's probably true, Carol. But I already had Nero Ultra 6 when I purchased Roxio EMC8, so I saw the bloat appear first in Nero. I had been using Sonic's applications - MyDVD Deluxe Suite and DVDIt - but after Roxio purchased Sonic (or actually was purchased BY Sonic, I think) I had to go with Roxio in order to upgrade my Sonic utilities. Thus I saw the bloat in Nero first, then got to experience it in Roxio EMC later, after I purchased V.8.



I'm a huge fan of ImgBurn and was happy to see it can do audio CDs too... unfortunately, I really don't see myself burning music to CDs anymore, much less as an audio CD (opposed to an MP3 CD).

BTW, ImgBurn is portable (woop!).

Also, J River Media Center (god I hate that name) and it's free counterpart, Media Jukebox, (much better name) has really grown on me lately, and since it burns CDs I have a feeling that if I were to ever burn a music CD (as audio or as files) I'd probably just use Media Center. Media Center (not Jukebox) has a "portable install" option, but it hasn't worked for me after multiple tries  :down:.

I think Media Jukebox is the perfect "give to mom" program for audio, in fact I just gave it to my mom over thanksgiving weekend...

Audio CD Burner Studio its fast and easy to use

If you try Burrrn I recommend Burrrn Portable esp. if on a post-XP OS.  The one with the installer works on Vista, but you get double entries in the log for some reason.  The portable doesn't seem to have that bug.

Automatically converts FLAC.  Just drop them on.

edit: btw have you confirmed with other discs that the boom box supports text info?  I have a stereo system still kicking that only does audio CDs.  It gives the track number and the play time.  That's it.  It came out before all this mp3 stuff was invented.


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