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Your fav' audio CD burner?

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... nothing compares to Easy CD-DA Extractor, ...-Babis (May 07, 2008, 03:30 AM)
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(see attachment in previous post)

It sounds really good, this finnish Audio CD Ripper, Audio Converter, and CD/DVD Creator
- but somehow I get the feeling it is a bit ... I don't know ... "nerdish"??
How easy is it to use?  :tellme:

Forgive me for using the same words about the German cdr front-end.
It doesn't say anything about saving meta data and cover art??

-Curt (May 07, 2008, 08:47 AM)
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Hello Curt, I am not so sure what you mean by nerdish but for me the interface is clean and usable.
As a program it is extremely easy to use, there are 3 tabs:

Audio CD Ripper -  Audio Converter - CD/DVD creator.

I use only the last two. The audio converter supports all the audio formats that I know and has options for normalization, volume adjust, metadata and additional metadata. The CD/DVD Creator tab has 4 tabs:

Audio CD - MP3 CD/DVD - Data CD/DVD - DVD Video.

From these tabs I use only the 1st, as for the 3 others I prefer imgburn.
The Audio CD tab supports drag n drop of all formats and on the fly conversion of any format to wav before burning and some minor features like CD-Text, Gap Length etc.

In general for burning and converting audio files from one format to another it is excellent; as for Ampa's reply, imgburn does not convert audio files (so you have to have a different converter) and cannot change CD text, metadata, set gaps and some others.

Finally as a Audio CD Ripper, I think EAC does better job (more complicated though)

I'm with Ampa, ImgBurn could be your best option here, now that it burns Audio CDs and supports exotic formats and everything, though it seems to only be able to burn those from CUE files, not a big deal. You also need DirectShow filters to decode the format in which the files you wish to burn are encoded, if you have installed one of those codec packs, there should not be any problem.

Burrrn is another option, and comes with lanux's endorsement :)

Personally, I always used Nero to burn Audio CDs, but it's been a couple of years since I burned my last one, and my Hi-Fi system doesn't read CD-Text, which seems to be related to your problem. Perhaps the files you burned lacked tagging, or you forgot to check up this screen:

or fill the highlighted fields in this one:

Windows Media Player will burn audio cds.

This is what my son uses and he uses it a lot and works with the college radio station as well.

Well, shoot, he just told me he switched to DeepBurner a while ago.
Can't keep up with the kid.

Winamp will also burn CDs, but I primarily use it as a player and haven't really tested that aspect of it.


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