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License Key browse problem


Hi Mouser,

I should have mentioned this several versions ago but when you use the Load from File option to enter your Screenshot Captor license key the Browse window hides behind the key entry window.  You have to move the window from behind the key entry window in order to use it.  I use F+R and this problem doesn't occur with that program.

I have noticed this problem in every v2 release.

Not a critical issue, but it would make entering my license key a lot easier!  :)

you're right, i'll see if i can fix for next version.

I just installed Screenshot Captor 2.04.04 and noticed that this problem still occurs.  Any news on when you would be able to fix it?


ill fix it with next release, thanks for reminding me -
its good timing since i'm updating all of the programs and it's surely in all of them..
maybe now is the time to add code to support checking for universal license in system directory so it never has to be entered again.


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