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Registry hack needed: Full date in the tray clock

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OK, here's what my tray looks like now:

I want it to say the full date like "5-5-2008" instead where it says "Monday"
I know this can be changed in the registry, (I figured out how to put seconds in the time field once, but I've since forgotten how...) but Google has not enlightened me.
I know there are a bazillion tray clock softwares out there, but I don't want yet another software running.

Anybody got a solution or any other interesting hacks for the tray clock?

Not sure. My task bar shows the date just fine when it's 2 levels high.

Ooh, 3 levels :cringe:
Ok, mine will do that too, but I don't want to go that tall on my taskbar.
There must be a way to show the 5/5/2008 at level 2.
I just checked in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options which has lots of options, but none that I need.

Ooh, 3 levels :cringe:
-Edvard (May 05, 2008, 01:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

No that's only 2 levels. The tray icons are just small enough to fit 3 in that same space.

I used to use tclockex for that, it's a great free utility that let's you customize what's shown in your system tray -- I use it to put full day of the week, date, year, etc.

But when i moved to Windows XP Pro 64bit, I found that tclockex would not support it, and neither would any of the other free tray clock tools.

Until I stumbled upon t-clock which is free and was upgraded to Win64bit compatibility and is now maintained by stoic joker, who hangs out here at the DC forums.  It works perfectly and I love it :)


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